Mrs. Zeran's & Mrs. Butler's Class


This is our class website.  It is full of the fun and interesting things we have been doing at school.

Welcome to the new school year and our 9th  year of the Early Learning Kindergarten Program (or the ELKP as it is referred to). 

The major focus of the Early Learning Kindergarten Program is to ensure that every child grows and develops in a number of interrelated areas: social, emotional, communication / language, cognitive and physical. The program will provide opportunities for learning, self-expression, self-regulation, and self-discovery in a variety of areas.  In addition, we aim to help children feel adequate in the world of school and to develop a positive attitude towards learning.  Our hope is that school will be a happy and pleasant place where they can learn and contribute.  The children will be exposed to a variety of experiences and learning situations that will help their spiritual, cognitive, social, physical and emotional development.

Our class is a blend of 29 J.K. and S.K. students consisting of 22 Juniors and 7 Seniors; with 15 boys and 14 girls.  

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        Your Partners in Education

                                                          Kathy Zeran (OCT) &

                                                          Leeanne Butler (ECE)








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Upcoming Events

Wednesday, Oct 17 at 12:35 AM - 12:55 AM
Thursday, Oct 18 at 1:40 PM - 2:00 PM
Friday, Oct 19 All Day
Sunday, Oct 21 All Day